Life process — I — Nutrition, Class 10th chapter 6 notes —

                LIFE  PROCESS  

What is Life Process?
~The basic Functions performed together (such—: Nutrition, Respiration, Transportation and Excretion.) By an organism to sustain or maintenance of life on the earth surface is called Life Process.

The basic Functions performed by an organism are.

(2) Respiration.
(3) Transportation.
(4) Excretion.

NOTE —: In Unicellure organism all these process performed by a single cell. But in Multicellular organism well developed system are present to Performed or carrying this process.  


What is Nutrition ?

The Process of acquiring food that is needed the nourishment of an organism and get energy and utilities them.

Topic related to Nutrition 

1. Mode of Nutrition in Plants and Animals.

2. Autotrophic Nutrition.
→ Raw Material for Photosynthesis is responsible.
→ Site of Photosynthesis.
→ Events of Photosynthesis.
→ Stomata and it's function.

3. Heterotrophic Nutrition.
→Saprophytic Nutrition.
→Parasitic Nutrition.
→Holozoic Nutrition.

4. How an organism obtain their

5. Nutrition in Animals

1. Mode of Nutrition in Plants and Animals

 Nutrition in Plants

All green plants are autotrophic orgnaism and they carry their Food by Autotrophic Nutrition. 

The performed Photosynthesis.
They Provide food for all other organism they not make their own food by itself.

Nutrition in Animals

They are Heterotrophic Mode of Nutrition.
They are Dependent upon autotrophic Nutrition.

They as Consumers in an ecosystem.

2. Autotrophic Nutrition

It is a Mode of Nutrition in which an organism make their own food by itself by using some inorganic substance like Water Carbon dioxide and Sunlight (Infra Ray).
Ex— All Green plants


It is a process by Plants make own food by itself by using some inorganic substance like Water Carbon dioxide in the presence of Sunlight (Infra Ray). And also provide the nourishment of the other organism.

Raw Material for Photosynthesis

(i)  Sunlight (Infra Ray).

(ii) Carbon dioxide.

(iii) Water and Minerals.

(i) Sunlight (Infra Ray) obtain from the sun.

(ii) Carbon dioxide is Obtain from the environment are present in total about 0.32% of Carbon dioxide in the presence of surrounding or atmosphere.

(iii) Water and Minerals are obtained from the earth surface.

Site of Photosynthesis 

Photosynthesis take place in the green parts of the plant like leaves. In some cases the stem is green and also takes parts of Photosynthesis.

The Leaf contains cells which contains the green pigment called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is present inside the certain structure called Chloroplasts.
Leaf's the site of Photosynthesis.


The tiny or small pores persent on the lower surface of Leaf is called Stomata.

They are made by guard cell.
Guard cell also control the function of Opening and closed of Stomata.

Function are 

They are help in the gaseous exchange during photosynthesis in plants.

They also help in the pretipation.  

Events of Photosynthesis

— Absorption of Light energy (Infra Ray) by Chlorophyll.
— Conversion of Light energy (Infra Ray) to chemical energy
— Splitting of water molecules into Hydrogen and Oxygen gas.
— Reduction of Carbon dioxide to Carbohydrates.

Significance of Photosynthesis

 Food — By Photosynthesis green plants synthesized food from simple inorganic substance like Water Carbon dioxide and Sunlight Infra Ray). Thus it sustain their Life on the earth surface.

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