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Christmas is a festival of Christians.

It is celebrate all over the world.

It is celebrated every year on the 25th of December.

But in today’s time, the festival of Christmas has surpassed the religious boundaries and became the symbol of the Holistic culture the winters in December carrier festive feeling.

History of Christmas

Christmas is the season of joy, peace, and happiness.

It is the particular season set aside to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Festival Christmas lasts for 12 days from 25th December (Jesus’s birth) to 6th January (Epiphany).

 The story is pure Angels announces his birth to Stephen in the fields, and he visited the three magi (wise men from the East) who offer him gifts.

The significance of these events for Christians is there believe that Jesus is the son of god the Messiah sent from heaven to save the world from sin.

In the first few centuries AD, Christmas as such did not exist, the Christian Church only celebrated the festival of resurrection and according to a Roman and Manik. Christmas was being celebrated in Rome by 336 AD. In 354 AD of Liberus was instituted the nativity on 25th December.

The reason Christmas came to be celebrated on 25th December remains uncertain.

But the most probable reason is that early Christians wished the date to coincide with by various festivals which celebrated the Winter solstice.


Preparations for Christmas

Christmas is a cultural festival and tells a lot of preparation.

It is a public holiday, and so people get a Christmas break to celebrate it. Preparations for Christmas start early for most people, so that celebration beginning on the eve of Christmas preparations for Christmas involves a lot of activities.

Plans for the Christmas on which you are spending your whole day must be made before any preparations begin because you want to be considerate of their preferences and way of doing things.

Shopping for Christmas is also an art of preparations and people used by decorations food and gifts for the children in the family and friends some family shop for matching Christmas outfit for everyone.

Many Schools or churches prepare a song for skits to be performed on Christmas Day, which is usually about the stories of the birth of Jesus Christ as in the Bible.

The church and schools are also being decorated for this special event; traveling plans for families are also made with friends.

You would like to spend your Christmas holiday in a beautiful place.

People usually like to spend a lot on Christmas, and to save money for this plan should be the earliest preparation among all of these.

Christmas Eve

Christmas is also a day when we are still preparing for Christmas.

We prepare dinner tables are set, and gift that had not been wrapped are wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree.

Families come together in a Christmas spirit and share in the spirit of Christmas and excitement for the day that is to come.

Celebrations of Christmas day 

Christmas Day is associated with the number of festivals all over the world, including numerous people who are generally known, Christian.

Non-Christian religion times off previous provincial guidelines presented the festival such as Hong Kong in other Christian minority rise or remote to social impact have driven people to celebrate this festival.

Nations, for example, Japan, where Christmas is prevalent in spite of there being just a few Christian, have embraced a considerable number of common parts of Christmas, present giving decorations and Christmas trees.

Activities on Christmas Day are usually very few because everything was prepared in advance on the eve the day begins with an account on at 11:59 p.m. whereby people shout in celebration when it gets to midnight, Christmas carols are played on radios and television to mark the day.

Most families start by going to Church where performances and songs are done, then later they join their families to exchange gifts and celebrate with food and music.

Happiness during Christmas is like nothing else.

During the exchange of gifts, children believe that they are from Santa Claus.

Santa Claus or Father Christmas is a figure originating from the Western Christian culture, which is believed to bring gifts to disciplined children during Christmas.

Children tend to behave well as they anticipate gifts from Santa. Santa Claus is one of the critical parts of the celebrations of Christmas.

Santa gives gifts to the good children on Christmas eve, which is on the 24th December night for that children sleep early on this day hoping to get a gift from Santa Claus when they get up the next morning.

They also keep cookies and milk near their bed for the Santa Clause and the carrot for the reindeer of Santa Claus on which he rides as a part of this tradition.

The famous poem Jingle Bell celebrates the coming of Santa to give away the gifts.

Some countries Do Not Celebrate Christmas

As Christmas is celebrated in many countries, there are few countries where Christmas is certainly not a formal festival which includes Afghanistan and Bhutan, Cambodia, China, except Hong Kong and Macau, North Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan, The United Arab Emirates among others however with the changing times even people from these countries have started to celebrate this festival.

Christmas in India

India has a substantial population of Christians; moreover, being a secular country festival of all religions is being celebrated with equal charge and electricity.

Christmas is not different from festivals celebrated in India, people from all religion and Faith celebrate it.

The school organizes a special assembly to make children aware of the importance of this festival people decorate their homes and give gifts to children.

Whether in India, there are many questions about this festival. It is made with full joy and happiness in India by everyone.


Christmas is a festival which is celebrated by people from all religions and Faith.

World wide despite it being a Christian festival, it is the essence of this festival, which Unites the people so much.

We should learn the importance of such unity from this festival, and despite our religious differences, we should all celebrate the festival together.

Festivals are probably a medium that has the power to keep people United for the betterment of humanity in the future.

In conclusion, Christmas is the best time of the year for both children and adults too.

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