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CBSE Change the some guidelines for class 10th and 12th exam session 2024.

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), has shared an important news about the session 2024 board exams for Classes 10 and 12 starting early this year of 2024.

CBSE board exam 

As per news, the CBSE has revealed big changes for the session 2024 board exams: two exams annually, no divisions, and extra help for extracurricular activities.

There are some important news for changes to make batter for students in their studies and create intrest in our studies. 
For session 2024 Board Exams for Classes 10 and 12 will be held between February 15 and April 2, 2024. In order to maintain a consistent and standardised Indian standard time, All exams of session 2024 will be begin at 10:30 AM (IST). 
Class 10th Board exam the main Paper is Commencement date on 19th February 

Board exam
Sources- CBSE Class 10 Board exams session 2024 main Paper 
With Sankranti and urdu and the last
Paper is on 13 March. 

To provide clarity and guidance to students who appearing in board exam session 2024, CBSE revealed crucial details and decisions ahead of the board exams.

Marking Scheme: CBSE has revealed the marking scheme for both Class 10 and Class 12 board exams, covering theory, practicals, projects, and internal assessments. Each subject can earn a maximum of 100 marks, with the board outlining specific marking criteria for 83 subjects in Class 10 and 121 subjects in Class 12.

For Class 10 appearing students, subjects such as 

Painting,          } 50 marks 
Information Technology, 
and others will have practical exams accounting for 50 marks. 
Meanwhile, subjects such as 
Urdu/ Hindi,
Social Science
      will have 20 marks allocated for internal assessment from each subject.

For Class 12 appearing students 
Main/Core Subjects such as 
Biology, and Biotechnology,
practical marks vary, ranging from 30 in each subjects.
Other subjects are 
Dance, and 
Home Science. 
      Will have collected 50 marks. 
Introduction about board exams session 2024
The board has introduced the concept of holding Class 10 and 12  board exams annually,
Providing students with more opportunities to improve their skills and scores. 
This move aims to enable students to retain their highest scores, thereby enhancing their academic performance and progress. 

It reflects a broader effort to enrich the overall educational experience and it skill 
Important instructions for appearing students. 
Students are advised to keep track here or on the official website for more updates and information related to the CBSE board exam 2024 examination and further changes in the pattern.


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