Dream11— How to win 5 Tips and Tricks on the Dream11 Match

Everyone is excited to know Tips And Tricks to play Dream11 in the best possible way and earn more money. Dream11 is the biggest fantasy cricket and other sports game in India right now. With a maximum of 100 credits, player can pick their very very smart own team of real players. However, you earn points on the basis of your chosen player’s performance in sports in every Dream11 match.
Moreover, there are certain things to know before you get started. Following are the steps to get into the sports or game are .

1. Select a Match 
2. Creating a your own team
3. Following the match 
4. Joining the contest 
5. Keeping a winning Mentality

Explain each by each 

1. Select a Match 

    Select any upcoming Match/ Game in future in Dream11 Match.

2. Creating A your Own team

     There is no work our tips and tricks but there is also work our knowledge of cricket have. Firstly select best to bset Batsman, Bowler ,All-Rounder and Wicket-keeper on the basis of their pervious performance and stats such as 

•  Resurch of the player's pervious performance and stats.

•  Resurch of about the pitch. Who suitability for Fast Bowler or Spin Bowler. Also found what behavior. 

•  You have also knowledge of both teams. Who better first Bating or Chasing. 

• You have also knowledge to about Players. Who gave better performance versus (vs) which team or on which venues/stadium.
Thus , You finally picked our team.

       This no important for the match but this also increasesing your confidence to win the Dream11 Match. 

3. Choose Captain and vice captain 

 Choose /picked our Captain and Vice Captain  on the basis of following information are 

• who have best and best performance of all pervious all game or match.

• Who best in Bating  Bowling and fielding best performance. 

• Other tips to choose their Captain and vice captain  you see who popular and  people give more vote to choose Captain and vice captain. 
Captian gave double points than the other player. And vice captain gave 1and half points than the other players. 
Choosing the right captain and vice-captain for your team can be a game changer in the Dream 11 match. 

4. Joining the contest 

Amount is the one of the most important wiponse in Dream11 Match. 
You select a contest on the basis of Amount that have. 
People very big mistakes in Dream11 Match. She/he invest all the money/ amount that have in single match. It is very big mistake. You don't repeat this mistake. Than because he/she win one or two match but he/she don't know it means he/she will win Next one time too. But losssing all the amount/ money that have. So, avoid safe play and Don't all money invest that have in a match.

 5. Winning Mentality 
You just wait to win match or contest 


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